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Proms and Prayers
The No-Phone Zone
Smart Alec. Smart Mama.
The Days We Never Had: A Tribute
Last Minute from the Scholarship Diva

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The Bloggy Mommy

Proms and Prayers

All eleven of us were sitting around the dinner table last week when it dawned on me--it's that time of year again. 

"Ben, isn't Prom coming up soon?"  

"Saturday night,"  he said, gulping down another bite of Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake. (Love that stuff.) 

"Aren't you going?" asked Captain Fun.  Not a surprising question coming from the Captain. 

"Wasn't planning on it."  

The Fun in Captain Fun took over.

The No-Phone Zone

Many, many years ago when my oldest two children were little, we lived on the edge of a cotton field just outside of Memphis.  We had two kids, one car, and few neighbors.  Almost every day I would take the kids on the 3/4 of a mile walk down the gravel road to the mail box in hopes of hearing from the latest editor to whom I had sent a submission.

Life was simple.  Because we had no car during my husband's work hours, there was no where to go; with our very limited budget, there was nothing to buy.

Smart Alec. Smart Mama.

Many years ago I was waiting for my oldest son at his high school football practice in Vermont.  As is my custom, I turned to chat with the mom beside me.  

"Is this your boy's first year?"  I asked. 

"Well," she said, "it is his second year, but he was not here last year." 

Something in her tone intrigued me.  "Oh?"

"It is a little complicated."  

I paused, wanting to know.  I was glad when she volunteered the information.

The Days We Never Had: A Tribute

Our friend, Mark, died very suddenly last week while on a road trip with his family.  His funeral is today--Valentine's Day.  

With her permission, I would like to share the tribute written by Natalie, his 18 year old daughter. 

To all of you who didn't know who he was, this is a small glimpse. 

It has been one week since I realized you were gone. You were the best Daddy in this world. I know you are spending time with Jesus and are probably discussing your questions about math, science and all the questions you had about this world.

Last Minute from the Scholarship Diva

Here is one last tip from The Scholarship Diva, as 
Scholarship season for Fall 2014 is beginning to wind down.  

Most of the large corporate deadlines have already passed.  A few solid opportunities are ending soon:  DAR (check local and state chapters as well as national) and Jimmy Rane Foundation awards close next week.  Check with your prospective universities to see about scholarship applications. 

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