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The Bloggy Mommy


Just Right.

This year flew by, more than one of my daughters confirmed as we were cooking together today. 

Thanksgiving dinner is now in the books, and the dishes are in the dishwasher, thanks to the men of the family (it's what they do after the women cook all morning).

Maybe that is why I am thinking in list form today--the pressing feeling to get my shopping done (but don't worry, I am not a T-Day shopper). 

Here's my Thanksgiving list, though, that can be broken down into three parts, kind of like in Goldilocks:  Too Much.

A Summer of Passages

I hope you have noticed that I have been MIA this summer.  It has been a summer of passages, and I have been trying to wrap my mind (and heart) around it.  I have attempte to blog about each separate summer passage, but words escaped me (this is a rare occurrence).  Today, on this official last day of summer, I will take one more stab at wrapping it all into one blog.

Not long after school dismissed, my kids began visiting their oldest brother, Tiger, (who gets the Oldest Brother Award).

The Goodness of God

Our son, Ben, graduated from the West Point Prep School last weekend (USMAPS). 

Being the practical mom that I am, I am inclined to hop in the car with the Captain for a simple trip where just the two of us run up to attend the festivities and bring him home.  But, as his nickname implies, Captain Fun wanted to take the crew along. (Family fun would be scarce without him, I know.) 

We took all who were available and could afford to miss a few days of school--the four youngest kids and Grandma.

Mom Dot Does It Again.

Today is Silas' 8th birthday and Mom Dot, at age 88, recalled (completely from memory, I might add) a poem  she wrote many years ago for another little boy's birthday.  You will see, it is a perfect fit. 

Eight years ago today
A mighty hero came our way
With fist tight-clenched
And face of red
"I'll take you on, old world,"
he said.  

Through the years 
He has kept his vow.
Though sometimes ill, often afraid
He seldom faltered, never swayed.

We know that in the years to come

Sort. Shrink. Simplify.

Once again my guest blogger is my daughter in law, Becky. 

My son and his wife inspire me with their minimalist lifestyle. I like what it represents: less work, less stress, less chaos. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it with this crew. 

I have desired for years to sort, to simplify, to shrink the amount of stuff. Becky's blogs have put words to it and shown me that it is attainable. And it makes good sense.

Can't get it to go live for some reason, but it's worth the time to paste it into your browser.
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