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The Bloggy Mommy


The No-Phone Zone

Many, many years ago when my oldest two children were little, we lived on the edge of a cotton field just outside of Memphis.  We had two kids, one car, and few neighbors.  Almost every day I would take the kids on the 3/4 of a mile walk down the gravel road to the mail box in hopes of hearing from the latest editor to whom I had sent a submission.

Life was simple.  Because we had no car during my husband's work hours, there was no where to go; with our very limited budget, there was nothing to buy.

Smart Alec. Smart Mama.

Many years ago I was waiting for my oldest son at his high school football practice in Vermont.  As is my custom, I turned to chat with the mom beside me.  

"Is this your boy's first year?"  I asked. 

"Well," she said, "it is his second year, but he was not here last year." 

Something in her tone intrigued me.  "Oh?"

"It is a little complicated."  

I paused, wanting to know.  I was glad when she volunteered the information.

The Bieber Blog

Certainly by now you have heard the news about Justin Bieber's arrest for DUI and drag racing.  

When I first heard, I do what I always do with that category of news:  I ignored it.  I try very hard to keep pop culture out of our home, as it is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous enemies of the family.  And I'll give you  a short list of reasons why. 

It misrepresents reality, creating discontentment with normal life.  

It paints a false picture of happiness.

Thirteen Reasons to Be Thankful.

Our Thanksgiving meal is over, but I couldn't let the day slip by without expressing my gratitude.  "I'm thankful that I have more kids than can fit around this table," I said today when it was my turn. It's true, isn't it? Every year we are deeply grateful for the ones we love the most.  

I set out to write a "Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful" but under the circumstances, I had to stretch it a bit.

13. Robert (aka Captain Fun). The summer of my 19th year, a (very) few guys showed up at my door to take me out every now and then.

My Top Ten for a Happy Family

Once again, the end of the year is staring me in the face.  I thought I would begin to bid farewell a little early by compiling my top ten lists of, well, everything.  Here is the first that came to mind. 

Top Ten Essentials for a Happy Family

10.  Red Sox baseball. Just kidding; I'm a big fan and with their World Series win last night, I couldn't resist. 

10.  A Clean(ish) Orderly(ish)  House.  This is last on my list because, while it certainly helps, it is just not as important as most people think.
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