- Faith. Funny. Life with Ten Kids.

All 10 and my daughter-in-law can barely fit on the front porch!

photo (2) All ten and daughter in law barely fit on the porch!

Ever wish you had someone alongside you?
I am not Super Mom--far from it, in fact.
But pick a parenting season and I am most likely in it.
As a mom of 10 kids whose ages span nearly 25 years,
I draw from my own journey to offer encouragement
through every stage of parenting.
 I speak, I blog, I embrace my flaws.

Faith. Funny.  Life with 10 kids. 
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Our daughter, Dorothy, who is quite the artist, makes a homemade family portrait, complete with Mom Dot, sister in law and future sister in law!
10974472 10205786297194699 310455869210479524 o (1) Artist Dorothy's rendition of the family.

At my oldest son's wedding in Vermont, back when we just had nine.  Hope arrived 18 months later.  How many young brides can say, "My mother in law is expecting a baby?"  We all found it quite humorous. 
DSC 7968  Son's wedding in Vermont.
 Davey Morgan Photography
Our beautiful Hope Elizabeth. 12.28.11

My sweet neighbor took this just before we left FL. 

Happy Hope today.
IMG 3610 

These were taken just before leaving Vermont. We will never get over Vermont! 
Photos by my talented friend, Louisa Larson. 


IMG 2928

Thanks for coming by.  May you find much encouragement and inspiration in these pages. 

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