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In my spare time, I'm a freelance writer. Smile. 
I have written for Focus on the Family's Brio, Breakaway and Focus on Your Child.  I've also been published in The Quiet Hour, Today's Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Chicken Soup for the Soul and a few others. But I mostly write for small, regional parenting publications like Memphis Parent Magazine and Ricmond Family. Links are below.
Though I have a parenting column in The Fairhope Courier, I am taking a break from magazine writing for a while, as now that my youngest is in school, my goal is to put my 30 years experience into one book.  

Archives - Memphis Parent Magazine

Archives- Richmond Family Magazine

Today's Christian Woman

Older pieces: 

Tips for Your Kids Theater Auditions 
Memphis Parent
When You're the New Mom on the Block
Memphis Parent
What's Behind That Irritable Behavior: Low Blood Sugar in Kids
Memphis Parent, May, 2013
Cleaning House by Kay Wills Wyma: A Book Review
Memphis Parent, March, 2013
A Day in the Life of The Sims Family
Memphis Parent, February 2013
The Five Love Languages of Children 
Memphis Parent Magazine, October 2012
How to Raise a Rule Friendly Kid
Memphis Parent Magazine, August 2012
Party Planning Made Easy
Memphis Parent Magazine, May, 2011
It's Time to Take Charge
Author Interview: Dr Kevin Leman  Have a New Kid by Friday
Memphis Parent Magazine, April, 2011
Helping Teens Spread Their Wings
Memphis Parent Magazine, February, 2011
Got Boundaries?
Memphis Parent Magazine, January, 2011

Potty Prep
Memphis Parent Magazine, December 2010
Built to Last   (formerly Today's Christian Woman) 
October 2010
In the Stillness of Winter
August 2009   
Reaching the Homeschooling Market
March 2005
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