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Hurricane Elvis
The King's Jail
Storming the Castle
Thirty One Years

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The Big Picture

Hurricane Elvis

Sitting here with Kevlar on my windows while the last of Hurricane Gordon pours a steady rain has given me pause to reflect on the only hurrican Memphis ever had. If you're not from Memphis, you probably don't know about Hurricane Elvis, as it did not make the national news.  I remember it well, though, because Hurricane Elvis marked the beginning of one of the greatest storms of our lives.  I hope it encourages somebody in the midst of a trial.  

On July 22, 2003, we were living in Memphis and expecting our 8th baby.

The King's Jail

I don't have guest bloggers often enough, and today a I am both honored and excited that my husband (aka Captain Fun) is my guest blogger. You will see that he has a very serious side, and his spiritual insights and discernment often amaze me. 

The story to which he refers is found in Genesis 39. 

I do not know what you are going through today or where this post finds you. Perhaps in a hospital or waking up to no job or waking up in a prison of a different kind. 

I want to encourage you with this.

Storming the Castle

The Captain and I launched #6 this summer.  Our daughter, Emma, is off to the Coast Guard Academy.  

If there is one thing I have learned about the American military academies, it is this:  it is hard to get into them and hard to get out of them.  The application process is a long, grueling series of forms, interviews, essays, tests and health clearances.  If you get accepted (and only a fraction of the kids who apply get in) you report for basic training (Swab Summer) when summer has barely begun; this is followed by a grueling academic year.

Thirty One Years

Cleaning out for our move, I came across my old journals. 

From the time I was a senior in high school until the day my first baby was born, I journaled almost every day.  I recorded with great detail nearly every thought, fact and conversation I had from the first time I saw my husband until the day we got married. Had to share this little gem from 32 years ago. 

"On my way out of church I spoke to Robert Sims for a few seconds, wondering all the time if he notices me like I notice him--but desperately trying to cover it up in casual conversation.


Hope is in swimming lessons for a few weeks, and today I told her I would get in and play with her while we waited for her teacher. Playing has never come easily to me (that's Captain Fun's department), but I knew what I had to do: suit up. Once her lesson began, as I was swimming my laps, I kept thinking of that word...Up...and all the ways we moms might use it.

My oldest is thirty, my youngest is five, and I am, well, a little weary. As I enter this third decade of parenting, I have grown fond of a new (to me) phrase.
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