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The Big Picture

February 2011

Captain Fun Strikes Again

Writer John Trent says people basically have one of four personalities:  beaver, lion, otter or retriever.  My husband, aka Captain Fun, is a fun-loving otter who is always trying to force fun on me.  It gets annoying when you're a working beaver.
When we took our daughter, Bethany, to NYC for the day for her 21st birthday last summer, Captain Fun had to bring  all the kids back down just 48 hours later.  No problem.  It was only 8 kids and Grandma.


Don't you love homecomings?  I had one today.
Emma and Mary, ages 12 and 13, stalked my car to see who could touch me first when I opened the door.
"I missed your coffee," said Mom Dot, my mother in law, delivering a hug.
"Oh, Mommy, I am so glad you're home," said Emma. That made me feel good.  "We have been out of milk for two days.  And yesterday I had frozen casserole for lunch and dinner."
Captain Fun embraced me, kissed me, said I was a rock star.

Finding a System

As a mother, I am forever trying to find a system that works. Discovering better ways to run things can really change your life.
Take television, for example.  Years ago my kids were watching TV every day after school for an hour or more.  Then they began on their homework, bleary eyed and foggy brained. It was my sister who passed along her rule of no screens on school nights.  Implementing that system tightened up our daily routine, and on Fridays they all look forward  to the screens of their choice.

What Friends Are For

Visiting Vermont this week has me thinking about friendship.
Friends come in all varieties, and I have decided I need every kind.
With some friends you can pick up right where you left off.  You don't see each other often or contact each other much, but it doesn't matter--they listen as if no time has passed.
Then there are friends who build you up just by their presence.  Encouragement seeps from every pore. I have  encountered many this week and they always leave me feeling like I have had an energy drink.

Happy Noise

My house is noisy.  Six kids, three adults, two cats and a dog.
Mornings are brimming with activity; dinnertime is bustling with chatter.  And in case I haven't told you, I am married to Captain Fun, so evenings are especially loud.
That is why I learned to separate the happy  from the unhappy noise. 
A whiny child is unhappy noise, as is an escalating argument among siblings.
Squeals of laughter from the den --happy noise.  Captain Fun calling out the rules to a game.
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