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The Big Picture

June 2011

The Green Tennis Ball

We celebrated Matthew's 19th birthday over the weekend.  He leaves for West Point next month, so I am not sure how many birthdays we will have him at home while he's in school.   Consequently, our Sims birthday tradition, "What I Like About You" was especially meaningful.  Until he mentioned the green tennis ball.
"What is the green tennis ball?" his friend inquired. 
He just had to ask, didn't he.
Matthew cleared his throat as if he were choking back tears.

What Summer Is For

I will never get use to the school schedule of the northeast.  Tomorrow, June 23, is--at last-- the last day of school.  Where I come from (the deep south) school has been out for almost a month.  What use to mark the middle of summer for me (July 4th) now means summer has barely begun. Still, whether summer starts early or late, I'll take it.  I simply love summer.
When I was a kid, my friend and I would pack our lunch, hop on our bikes and vanish until dinner.

The Philosophy of Football

Football sign ups were held last week for the high school.  Since we're moving, Ben won't be here in the fall, but he went to the meeting anyway.  And he came home pretty pumped for the season, wherever that might be.
The sign-ups have me thinking about football.  I spent my childhood immersed in football.  My older brothers played.  My dad whooped and hollered every time the Redskins were on TV.  So being the mother of five boys, you'd think I would have had an inkling that football would be in my future.

Twenty Five Years

Captain Fun and I just celebrated our silver anniversary.  We did it up right--Martha's Vineyard, Boston history, a Red Sox game.  First class all the way, my mother would say.  These days, we figure, every year is an accomplishment, but twenty-five years together is something to celebrate. 
"I will tell you what will keep your marriage intact," Mom Dot said to me when I was still a blushing bride, "and it isn't your commitment to your faith," she added.
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