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The Big Picture

September 2012

Mmm Mmm Fall

I have never blogged twice in one day, but the Hearts at Home Third Thursday Blog Hop (  is calling for fall recipes.   After a year without fall, I had to dive in.

Aunt Marsha's Green Beans
I know I raved about The Green Beans a few blogs ago, but these come mighty close.  My daughter, Bethany, got this recipe from her college room mate who credits her Aunt Marsha. 

2 cans green beans (any cut you like)                      1/4 tsp salt

Divin' In

It was three weeks ago today that the Sims family pulled into Virginia.   We didn't know a soul the day we arrived, but we've already visited three churches and attended Ben's Varsity football game.  Next week we will watch Emma's first cross country meet.  And this afternoon 15 year old Mary is making a speech at school to convince the class of 2016 why she should be their Vice-President.  

To put it simply, we're divin' in. 

Captain Fun and I have lived in five states since the day we said "I do", and I'm convinced that whether you move once or a dozen times, diving in is the only way to survive a move.
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