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The Big Picture

Captain Fun Strikes Again

Writer John Trent says people basically have one of four personalities:  beaver, lion, otter or retriever.  My husband, aka Captain Fun, is a fun-loving otter who is always trying to force fun on me.  It gets annoying when you're a working beaver.
When we took our daughter, Bethany, to NYC for the day for her 21st birthday last summer, Captain Fun had to bring  all the kids back down just 48 hours later.  No problem.  It was only 8 kids and Grandma. 
When it's under 50, he'll ask who wants to go for a walk.  When the temps are above 50, he wants to play baseball.  Or soccer.  Or football. 
During TV shows, he rewinds funny commercials. 
When we go to the lake, he begs me to swim.  I prefer the lawn chair, thank you.
And today the snow measured almost two feet on our  hill, so sledding was the order of the day.
I was doing my usual beaver-like activities--sweeping, cooking, laundry.  After all, I had been gone for five days and things were a little messy.
"Can I talk you into sledding?" he said, poking his frosty face around the door.
"No.  It's Sunday.  I'm resting."
"Awe, come on.  Your children need to have one memory of you sledding with them."
"They do," I said. "I have  pictures."
"No, that was the older kids--the grown ones. The younger kids don't have any memories of you sledding with them."
Darn. He was right. But winter is far from over in upstate NY, I argued.  Captain Fun was not going to get to me today.
I swept for a few more minutes, stomping around, listing out loud all the reasons why I didn't want to go out.  Then I went out.
"You're out!" he exclaimed.  Surprise, surprise.
We rode double down the driveway and I laughed hysterically on each trip.   Three year old Silas went repeatedly all by himself.  The faster he went, the louder he squealed.  And the teens and tweens came out when they heard Mom was sledding today.  (Better come, Captain Fun said, it's the only chance you'll get to sled with Mom in your childhood.)
After the sledding, he insisted on a snowball fight.  I tolerated it.  Hitting him with snowballs helped.
I hate to admit it, but if it weren't for him, I would never take the time to have fun with the family. 
"Thanks for coming out today," he said.
No, thank you, Captain Fun, for helping this beaver remember to think like an otter.
PS John Trent's website is

Some of the Sims kids after sledding.

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